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If you are from Saskatchewan, rest assured that your web hosting needs will be met with professionalism, superior hosting and support. Our service centre provides seamless web hosting service on our shared linux web hosting servers to individuals and businesses in Saskatchewan.

Toronto web hosting is a three step process depending on your needs. First time web hosting clients must understand that getting a website requires several steps. First, you need to obtain a domain name. You can do this by visiting our domain registration page, input a name you would like and see if it is available. If it's available you will then chose a hosting package that suits your needs. For most new website owners, our basic Web Presence package provides all the storage, bandwidth and services you will need. Of course, as your website grows you can add numerous other features and services or upgrade to a more complex hosting packages. We provide an excellent control panel for maintaining your site and domain name with a full set of tools and a comprehensive Portal support in case you need assistance.

If you are moving an existing web Hosting account to us, you will need several pieces of information, such as your domain information. You then must choose a package from our list of many that meets your needs.

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Saskatchewan province is located in western Canada. Saskatchewan borders Manitoba province on the east, Alberta province on the west, the Northwest Territories to the north, and the states Montana and North Dakota on the south. Its name is derived from the Cree term for "swiftly flowing," which was first applied to the Saskatchewan River. Crossed by a vast belt of flat prairie land, Saskatchewan is, with Alberta and Manitoba, one of the Prairie provinces. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, and Saskatoon is the largest city.