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Park or Redirect Domains

Should I park or redirect a domain? What's the difference?

People often use the terms “park” and “redirect” interchangeably, but they are two different things:

  • Park is a function of a DNS entry, whereby the DNS zone for the “parked” domain resolves to the same location as the original domain (the one to which the parked domain will point.)
  • Redirect is a function of .htaccess, often used for temporary redirection to another location or permanent redirection when moving a site.
    Park and Redirect are two methods of having one domain lead to another domain. Each is useful but for different things. It depends upon what you’re trying to do.


If contains your web site, you can use WHM or CPanel to park “on top of”

Then, when visitors enter in their web browsers, they will see the site pages. But, their browsers will still display the domain “” in the address/location field.

You may repeat the parking process to park multiple domains all pointing to the same

Most CPanel servers are configured to allow parking only to domains on the same server.

Park Example

For example, if the site has a page at, when a visitor enters in the browser and navigates to the same page, the visitor will see glop.htm in the browser’s address/location field.


With a Redirect, you may point one domain to another domain. Redirect means that a visitor’s browser first resolves to one address and is then sent to another. The visitor enters one domain in the browser, and ends up at a different domain.

Redirect Example contains the web site. Create a Redirect redirecting to

Then, when a visitor enters in the browser, the browser will be redirected to and its web site. The browser’s address/location field will show the domain “”.

Manage multiple domains

Park and Redirect are useful tools for managing domains. Multiple domains may be pointed to target web sites, according to your needs and what you want your visitors to see.


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